Monday, July 17, 2006

"Paws, Claws, Scales & Tales" Summer Reading 2006 program

The Stockton Public Libraries 2006 Summer Reading Program has come to an end. But it was sure a fun-filled 7 weeks of pure excitement and loads of laughter from everyone.

To start our Summer Reading Program off we had Cliff Ehrlich with Webster State Park in and he told the children about all sorts of animals that are right around Stockton that they could find to see if they had paws, claws, scales, or tales? Cliff had some live animals and also a presentation on Skins and Skulls the children really enjoyed the live turtles and snakes, but the mothers did not really approve of the snake.

The Next week we had some of the Rooks County 4-H Dog Progect members here in the Library to share with everyone about the Dog project. They told of how they do the obedience training and also showed the children how to do some of the obedience like, sit, stay, and lay down right in the library. The children also got to go outside and watch as some of the 4-H members did some agility with their dogs like going through the hoop, jumping over the fence, and walking the teter totter. After we all finished watching the dogs do a great job, we went inside again and went to the newly remodeled basement and made paperbag fish. This was a little bit different having dogs and fish in one day but it all worked out just fine.

The third week of our Summer Reading Program was a little different for the different age groups. On Wednesday our younger children we had Smoky Hills Public Television here and they did a wonderful presentation on our theme. They had a bag of characters from their television shows and the children knew them all. Next she did a couple stories, and all the children got to make a turtle out of paper and a styrofoam bowl. They really turned out cute!
For the older children on Thursday, the Library had them make pet rocks, so the older children picked out a rock and came up with some really cute ideas! We had all sorts of pets to share, like pigs, dogs, snakes, cats, dinosaurs, and many, many more.

The fourth week of our Summer Reading Program was given by Anna Muir, the Rooks County Extension Agent, she read short stories to the children about all kinds of animals, and then we put tattoos on all the children while they age "puppy chow". The children enjoyed getting to eat the puppy chow". After everyone age and got their tattoos, we went outside to play "Tail, Tail who's got my Tail?"

The Fifth weeks program was given by the Jessica Iwanski and staff from the Central Vet Services Clinic. They discussed how to ask to pet someone's dog, or cat before just doing it. They also show the children how to pet a animal that is new to you, let it smell your hand first, then pet it slowly under the chin and then you can pet it elsewhere if it is okay with being petted by you. They also discussed with the children how to act if you come up on a dog or any animal that scares you, you should fold your arms in front of you and stand still until an adult comes to help you. Do not run, or scream loudly, you will probably be chased worst. Just remain as calm as you can and wait for help from another individual. Before we did anything this week we were all downstairs and painted wooden snakes that move when you are holding them in your hand, they are really neat. The children all painted their snakes however they wished and then we left them downstairs to dry until after the program was completly finished upstairs so they could dry pretty well, before the children took them home. After Jessica and her staff completed telling how to act around strange dogs, then the children all had to ask properly, to pet "Bandit", he is very good with children. After everyone petted the dog, we divided up into two groups and played a re-lay game of "Wash the Dog". Everyone had to put on a raincoat (plastic bag with a head and arm holes cut out), rubber gloves, carry a towel around their shoulders, and carry a brush on top of their head, and carry a bottle of shampoo down to the other end where they had to take everything off and the next individual had to do the same. This was a real cute game for all the children. Then everyone went down and picked up their snakes and got their books and handouts and went home.

Marcy Beougher brought their familes new 6 week old puppy "Pearl" for the last week so the children could see that some puppies feet are real big when they are little, then of course they grow up and are big all over. (Pearl is a Labrador). The younger children made puppy headbands and were read a few short stories about different dogs. The older children on Thursday were read the story of "Balto" and then they played some guessing games and played "Charades" this was very interesting they acted out dog stories, songs, and poems. Everyone sung or said them when they guessed the correct answer. Have you ever tried to act out "Who Let The Dogs Out"? Like I said it was a real cute exercise for the children.

Our final program was given by Thad Beach from Salina. This year we had our program at Stockton City Hall (air conditioned). This was fantastic. Our Program was called "Down in the Swamp" Everyone got to make swamp critters and play in the swamp band. The Stockton Lions Club donated hot dogs, and chips for the children. Tracy's Plumbing and Heating, donated the kool-aid for all the children to drink while Dino Discount donated all the cups, lids and straws for the kool-aid. The Henry Sander Family supplied all the plates, spoons, napkins, ketchup and mustard and last but not least the mothers helped put together the desert of Worms in Dirt pudding cups from the Library Childrens Summer Reading fund. Everyone had a great time for the final week of Stockton Public Library 2006 Summer Reading Program. Everyone received a certificate of completion before they left that evening.

Summer is Sizzling Hot with New Books @ Stockton Public Library

Some new books this summer at Stockton Public Library for the Adults are:
"The Vision" by Heather Graham
"Scent of Roses" by Kat Martin
"The Jury" by Fern Michaels
"Impulse" by Joann Ross
"Winkie" by Clifford Chase
"Blue Shoes and Happiness" by Alexander McCall Smith
"A New Day" by Anita Bryant
"The Quest for Life in Amber" by George Poinar
"Proof Positive" by Phillip Margolin
"Thriller" edited by James Patterson
"Sandcastles" by Luanne Rice
"Crooked Little Heart" by Anne Lamott
"Before and Again" by Doris Mortman
"Cover of Night" by Linda Howard
"Lover's Knot" by Emilie Richards
"Learning to Kill" by Ed McBain
"Mayflower" by Nathaniel Philbrick
"The Days of Summer" by Jill Barnett
"Wicked" by Gregory Maguire
"Son of Wicked" by Gregory Maguire
"On Off" by Colleen McCullough
"Bed Rest" by Sarah Bilston
"Jeff Shaara's Civil War Battlefields" by Jeff Shaara
"Outsider" by Diana Palmer
"Calder Storm" by Janet Dailey
"Blue Screen" by Robert B. Parker
"The Cold Moon" by Jeffery Deaver
"Captive of My Desires" by Johanna Lindsey
"The Secrets of D-Day" by Larry Collins
"Twelve Sharp" by Janet Evanovich
"Under the Northern Lights" by Tracie Peterson
"Coming Out" by Danielle Steel
"Walk Proud, Stand Tall" by Johnny D. Boggs

We received quite a few new audio books, some on cassette, and also some on CD's they are:
"Night Life" by Thomas Perry
"Skeleton Man" by Tony Hillerman
"The Thomas Berryman Number" by James Patterson
"Origins of Great Ancient Civilizations"