Tuesday, May 24, 2005

New Books for the Month of May & June

4 New Inspirational books by Philip Gulley entitled "Signs and Wonders",
"Home to Harmony", "Just Shy of Harmony", and "Life Goes On".

Haywood Smith -- "The Red Hat Club Rides Again"
Philip Norman -- "SHOUT!"
Nevada Barr -- "Hard Truth"
Danielle Steel -- "Impossible"
Carla Neggers -- "The Harbor"
Teresa Bodwell -- "Loving Mercy"
Jack Ballas -- "The Homesteader"
Ralph Compton -- "West of Pecos"
Lisa Gardner -- "The Killing Hour"
Jennifer Weiner -- "In Her Shoes"
Susan Hubbard -- "Lisa Maria's Guide for the perplexed"
Jane Kirkpatrick -- "Name of Her Own"
W.E.B. Griffin -- "By Order of the President"
Ann Rule -- "Green River, Running Red"

We have many more new books for adults and children alike.
Some of the new childrens books are for the Summer Reading Theme "Dragons, Dreams, and Daring Deeds". Some of these titles are: "Lake of Skulls book 1 A Knight's Story" by Paul Stewart and Chris Riddell, "The Clue in the Castle Wall" a Barbie mystery book, "What Is a Princess?", and "Shrek 2 the Potion Plan" by Disney, and for all you Dora fans, "Dora's Fairy-Tale Adventure".

The Library has many more new books, these are just a few, so come in and visit us and check out a good book.